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We are building independent political power for and with historically marginalized communities across Southern New Mexico.

“When we dream alone, it is only a dream. When we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.” - Archbishop Helder Camara

Who you are matters

New Mexico continues to have the highest poverty rates in the country. As people of faith and warriors of justice we believe in creating and pushing for policies that place the dignity and worth of our families and communities front and center. We must work together to hold elected officials at all levels of government accountable and responsive to the needs of our families.

Our Issues

Our Team

Our team is made up of directly-impacted individuals who are committed to shifting the politics of New Mexico. We are made up of people who are pro-Immigrant, pro-Worker, pro-Black, pro-Indegenous, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-Earth. We are committed to radically loving each other to erase the margins and bring about the transformational change our families deserve.

Brenda Martinez

HR & Operations Manager

Stevie Paz

Digital Organizer

Beatrice Armendariz

Community Organizer

(Luna county)

Daniel Sanchez

Community Organizer

(Doña Ana County)

Rev. Carolyn Wilkins

Clergy Engagement & Donor Development Manager

CAFe Accion is proudly part of the Faith in Action Fund. The Faith in Action Fund is one of the most dynamic political action fund in the country. Deeply committed to building power in communities of color, Faith in Action Fund is making waves that will reverberate through multiple generations.

What we accomplished in 2020

CAFé Accion was one of two organizations across the nation to engage Latinx communities on messaging that engages the diversity of our Latinx communities. Economic elites have gained power by using dog whistle politics: coded narratives designed to shatter solidarity, especially—though not exclusively—along racial lines.

We’ve engaged in 800 Latinx communities across Southern New Mexico to reject division. We hope this action helps us to come together despite our differences to make our country welcoming home to all.


Calls Made


Vote Conversions


Voting plans made

Our goals and commitment would not be possible without leaders like you.

Equis Research Project & CAFé Acción

As of July 2022, CAFé Acción and Equis Research partnered up to work in Doña Ana County in hopes to create a better understanding of the local Latinx community through various ways such as developing Latinx leaders, countering disinformation strategies, and media and digital innovation.

Through their research,  Equis aims to find new and innovative ways to approach and engage with the local Latinx community. Research, polling, and analysis helps Equis gather important information about what really matters to our local Latinx community. 

Equis’ goal is to lift the Latinx community both locally and nationwide with the help of their incredible research and community engagement.

Build a More Inclusive New Mexico

Now is your time to make a difference. Join our movement as we build a more progressive and inclusive New Mexico that places the dignity and worth of our families first.

CAFé Acción needs leaders like you to fight for

  • Economic, racial, and immigrant justice
  • Quality jobs for New Mexico communities
  • Worker protections
  • Higher wages
  • Paid sick leave
  • Fair and just immigration reform for 11 million undocumented Americans

Justice is what love looks like in public. - Dr. Cornell West

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